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Pilot Summary

Postby myteeveeadmin » Sun Nov 23, 2014 7:20 pm

Tonight is the story of Emily—high school student by day, slam poet by night. Told exclusively through the dialogue of one of her poems, Emily expresses the highs and lows of being a teenager and the want to be involved in an adult world she isn’t ready to experience.

Coming out of the dark of the night, Emily emerges as a seemingly perfect girl with ambition, friends, and grace. She feels beautiful as she walks the halls, in the locker room, and especially in front of her English teacher. Her nightly persona is somewhat different; the perfect sweet girl transforms into a woman with flirtation and desire. These traits catch the eye of a handsome man, who, after dinner, engages in sex with Emily in a club bathroom. This seemingly strange man turns out to be Emily’s English teacher.

Emily’s tomorrow is somewhat different. Waking up disheveled with acne on her face is just one of many problems going through her mind. All the attributes she felt the day before have vanished within a span of hours, and now she feels like nothing but scum collecting on a dirty sponge. Now comes the task of living a teenage life with adult experience with the only way to deal with these new foreign problems and questions is in the spat of a poem.
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