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Alex Frye is violently jolted awake in a strange post-apocalyptic world. Lost and dying of thirst, he runs off in search of other people and drinking water. Strange voices that he thinks are all in his head echo a traumatic memory that he has carried with him since early boyhood. A mysterious, loud, harsh buzzing sound feels like a massive migraine rattling around in his skull and nearly incapacitates him.

He hears another voice crying out for help. Before approaching it, he searches for a weapon. During the search, he discovers a medallion attached to a severed arm. He recognizes the medallion, although he’s not sure from where, so he pulls it away from the arm and pockets it. He cautiously approaches the voice and discovers a man trapped beneath some concrete rubble. He helps the man up only to discover that the man is actually a torch. The torch attacks Alex and is about to overpower him when Teresa shows up on the scene and shoots the torch through the eye, killing it. After taking the medallion from him, she sarcastically welcomes Alex to the Society before walking away. Alex pursues and pleads with her to let him follow, explaining that he recognizes the medallion from somewhere; she reluctantly agrees.

As they make their way through an abandoned building looking for the rest of Teresa’s “clan,” Alex remembers that he actually died earlier that day. He also realizes that he’s not in heaven and presses Teresa for answers about where they are and why they’re there. She explains to him that the Society is an afterlife world for people with “something to atone for.” She also explains that the medallion is a “memento,” a symbol of regret, which leads Alex to the realization that an old baseball he finds in his jacket pocket is his symbol of regret.

They finally find the others in a heavily barricaded room in the bowels of the building. Several wounded people lie in cots, recovering, while Father Wallace -- the group’s de facto leader -- treats another a man who has lost an arm. The odd smile that curls up on Teresa’s lips suggests this isn’t a mere coincidence.

While waiting to meet Father Wallace, Alex removes the baseball from his pocket, prompting a flashback: he’s 9 years old and playing catch with his twin brother, Thomas. He throws an errant pitch, cracking the windshield on a nearby car. The owner of the car approaches and asks who is responsible. When Thomas takes the fall for Alex, the man abducts him, while Alex looks on, powerless to stop him.

Just then, Father Wallace attacks Alex, seemingly without provocation. During the altercation, it is revealed that Father Wallace has mistaken Alex for his brother, who apparently stole Father Wallace’s glasses. Teresa explains to Wallace that the person he’s attacking isn’t Thomas, revealing that she obviously knows Thomas and must have recognized Alex all along.

Armed with the knowledge that his brother is also in this world, Alex now understands why he’s in the Society.
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