Queen Eco's Hacker Quest

Queen Eco's Hacker Quest

Postby myteeveeadmin » Thu Nov 06, 2014 7:25 am

As if the members of FoR don't have enough problems, a certain hacktivist extraordinaire who simply calls herself Queen Eco has decided to use the FoR site as a special conspiracy theory hub of her own. She takes over the blog as she sees fit to spread the word about the mysterious activities of an unknown branch of the government, wanting to expose their secrets at the befuddlement of our FoR team members.

However, there's more to Eco's posts than meets the eye. If you read carefully, you'll find that she words her post titles with a specific purpose in mind. Use the titles as a clue to find the hidden code word--a secret link--in each of her posts, and you may find yourself playing a very dangerous game under the noses of some very dangerous people. Be careful, the government is always watching!
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