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A mysterious vision. A former lover. An attempted murder.

Jack would much rather stick to writing short stories than getting tied up in a complex government conspiracy. Unfortunately, he is cursed with the supernatural ability to see things that are happening to people he knows in his dreams. It is this ability that makes him the target of confidential CIA activities that could endanger the lives of everyone around him. When Jack is reunited with Andi, an old flame, he reveals to her a vivid dream he had involving two CIA agents who intend to murder their friend, Pete. What’s even more disturbing is that the agents seemed to be speaking directly to Jack in the dream, which has never happened to him before.

Upon learning this, Andi realizes that she may have bit off more than she can chew with her government job. She was previously unaware that she may have been hired because of her ties to Jack. Now, she and Jack must warn Pete about the mysterious dream before Agent Jones and Agent Smith enact their dastardly plan. When they arrive on location, however, it seems that they might already be too late...
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