Something fishy out there? Write up your own conspiracy theories and you may see them on FoR!


Postby myteeveeadmin » Tue Nov 04, 2014 6:50 pm

Sure, you can submit a conspiracy to the FoR team as a friendly fellow theorist, or you create a post for one of the members of the team directly. You may choose any member of the FoR team to create a conspiracy theory for; just remember, different members specialize in different areas. Please familiarize yourself with the characters if you have a preference on which one might adopt your post.

Conspiracy theories are not limited to any topic and pretty much nothing is out of bounds for these guys. Feel free to make these as silly or as serious as you'd like.

If you have pictures you want to include either for the general gallery or in your blog post, please submit either a link to the pic, embed the image directly into your post, or upload it as an attachment (click the "upload attachment" button below post box).

Video is also allowed! Please upload those as attachments or send us a link to where your video is hosted.

**Please note that if you choose to post as Crawler, he has a very distinct speech style. Use his previous blog posts and comments as references when posting.
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