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Dream Guide

Postby myteeveeadmin » Tue Nov 04, 2014 6:30 pm

Before you start posting dreams for Jack, there are a few things you should know about his abilities.

1) The parts of Jack's dreams that are lucid/real can and are often mixed in with nonsensical dreaming. This can make it sometimes difficult for him to determine whether what he's seeing is real or just his imagination.

2) Jack only dreams in the present, which means he sees what's happening as it's happening in real life. He cannot see into the past or future, only the now.

3) Jack can only dream about people he's seen either in real life or on TV/in the papers, etc. This can include people he's only seen briefly and doesn't event remember coming into contact with. Subsequently, he can also dream about people who these people have come into contact with.

4) In the dreams, Jack serves as a silent, invisible observer. He cannot interact with the people he dreams about, nor are they generally aware of his presence. There can be exceptions to this rule, but that involves "outside interference."

**Please use the dreams on Jack's Dream Log as examples to follow: http://jacksdreamlog.wordpress.com
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