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*This section is for out of character discussions that pertain to the role play game threads. You can ask each other questions, discuss future plot goals, grant permissions for other players to control your character, or just comment on each other's posts. Be courteous when posting.

*Please put the title of the game thread being discussed as the subject of your discussion thread.

*If you are playing as a canon character, please clearly claim your character(s) so there is no confusion on which player is controlling which character.

*A player controlling a canon character in one game thread does not automatically grant them control of the same character in all game threads. Please share the toys!

*If you are playing as an original character, please create a character bio in the Character Introductions sections so other players become familiar and know how to interact with your character.

*No other player can control an original character in any game thread without the express permission from the character's creator.

*While there are general role play rules as lined out in the game thread rules topic, note that players may bend those rules for any particular game thread AS A GROUP and decided upon in group discussion; OR the original author of the game thread (if there is only one to start) may line out their rules of play in their discussion thread. Any new player who wishes to join an existing thread must follow the rules as lined out by the game thread creators in discussion (ex: a group may wish to play the game all in first person present tense, or they may wish to tell it in third person in a more story-type format; or players may claim a free-for-all where any player can control any character at any time; etc).

*While disputes may arise concerning proper game play etiquette, please remember that some players are new to the role play experience and may just need some guidance as they learn how to play. Offer assistance where needed, but please try not to let discussions escalate into angry arguments. Notify a mod if a player is not following game rules and an agreement cannot be reached between players in a civil manner. Mods will handle the dispute from there. FLAME WARS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
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