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*This portion of the forum is for in character game threads ONLY. If you wish to discuss your game in any way that takes you out of character, please do so in the OOC Discussion thread.

*Players may take on the identities of any canon character or any original character as claimed or created for their game thread.

*When role playing, please control your character only. You cannot control the actions of anyone else's character. This includes simple actions like slapping another character across the face. You may attempt to slap the other character, but the player who controls that character may wish to dodge the blow. If a player is controlling your character, please kindly ask them to edit their post in the OOC discussion thread. If they refuse to comply, please contact a forum mod who will then decide what future actions to take.

*There can be an exception to the character control rule IF AND ONLY IF a player grants express permission to another player to control the actions or voice of their character. If you see a player controlling the actions of another player's character, please do not automatically assume they are breaking the rules. If there are no complaints from the controlled character's player, permission has probably been granted between players for control.

*Please remember that if you join a role play game, you are expected to keep up with the pace of the other players. If you cannot make a post for any reason within the usual time parameters expected for game play between players, please inform the other players in the OOC Discussion so they can decide how to proceed around your absence if required.

*If you decide you want to quit your game thread, please inform the other players in the proper OOC Discussion thread so they can figure out how to write your character out of the game.

*If all the players have decided that their game thread has come to a respectable conclusion, please notate the ending in the last post of the thread and inform a mod so they may lock the topic.
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