Write poems or fanfics for Allie, or just express some of her thoughts on life


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Allie may have a lot of issues, but she's not all doom and gloom. She's twelve, and despite her genius, she still has pre-teen tendencies. If you want to write a poem, fanfic, or general post as Allie, you can certainly capture her confused and depressed state, but don't forget about her fun side! She is into comics (particularly Marvel) and gushes (in her subtle way) over Fitz from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She tries to stay away from mainstream media when she writes her fanfics, though, preferring to stay in the not-so-popular categories of classic literature or old fantasy films. She still likes to look intelligent, after all. She likes to blog about her music tastes and interact with her favorite music artists, she'll blog about random art that catches her eye, she writes poems when the whim strikes her, and she likes to point out the idiocracies of public education. She's smart, witty, and mature beyond her years, but she still wants to be a normal kid sometimes. Check out her tumblr to catch her voice, and post away! Some of your content may just make it to her blog!
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