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Carthridge would rather still be teaching Honors English and coaching the boys’ JV soccer team, but with the prospect of having to pay for his own 13-year old daughter’s college tuition in just 5 years, he needed the pay raise.

He feels like a bit of a hypocrite, doling out punishment to students caught in the hallway without passes, given that he himself did far worse and paid frequent visits the principal’s office during his high school years. He tries his best to show as much compassion for the students as he can, which sometimes leads to the perception that he’s “soft.” but he is generally appreciated by the students, who feel that he treats them like adults. When he overheard a group of students joking that his “waxed, bald head” could be seen by Sputnik, he complimented them for their knowledge of science and history before telling them to get their asses to class.
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