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Allie, an anti-social 12-year-old genius already in high school, and Daniel, a popular jock, sit in the waiting room of the Principal’s Office amidst awkward silence. They’re seemingly opposites, but a conversation sparks when Daniel asks Allie what she’s in for. Allie keeps her reason a secret, while Daniel reveals he’s in for pot possession. The chatter progresses from small talk to intrigue when Daniel shows a genuine interest in her. Allie knows exactly who Daniel is, and she’s surprised that he also knows who she is. A tone of conflict arises when their differing reputations within the school come to the forefront. Allie’s anxiety ramps up and she disses Daniel with a verbal lashing. During the confrontation, she begins scratching her clothing-covered wrist and Daniel keenly notices. She apologizes for taking her shit out on him and then storms out of the room. Daniel gets up and follows behind. When Daniel catches up to her, Allie pulls away from him. He asks if she’s okay, and she reveals a bloody cut on her wrist. Daniel then exposes the scars on his own wrist. It appears the two have more in common than originally thought.
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